We created the first Belgian TikTok effect on a brand account and it went viral.

A viral TikTok effect with ZERO media spend

What's this about?

In June, all Belgian students take their exams. A stressful period when, as a college, you can’t always make the most positive connection with students.

Coincidentally, that was also the period when TikTok opened their AR Effect House programme to everyone. A programme in which we had already been beta testers for a few months.

Talk about perfect timing

This is wat we did:

During our period as a beta tester for TikToks Effect House, we saw that prediction effects work very well..

Add to that one of the best-used formats to appeal to young people (memes), and the filter was born!

Curious about the results and Effect? Take a further look below.

And yes, these are 100% organic results with €0 media budget. Cool huh

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