About us

Fullsend is a short-video creative agency that shrink the line between content, community and commerce. 

With innovative platforms like TikTok that changed the way of how content is consumed and culture is happening, we disregard the classic rules of boring corporate content, communication and advertising. 

Core values

What’s rooted in our DNA?


Being present in a culture-proof way has never been more important than today. We don’t believe in “fans”, we believe in a community built through consistency.

Young at heart

The biggest asset of our youngest generation? It’s their creative mindset, skills and influential power across all generations. A young at heart adapted mentality will keep you on top of everything.

New media

From marketer to publisher. The way people consume their content has changed and we’re convinced that it’s important to utilise the succes from winning platforms, trends and media.



You need an ever-changing mindset to perform well in an ever-changing industry. Experimenting with new things is our way to go. Tomorrow is a mystery, but the increasing speed of adoption is not.

Talk to us!

From a casual chat about how TikTok can be used for your brand to more specific plans. Just hit us up!

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