Supporting brands with their journey through content, community & commerce in our ever-changing social & entertainment landscape. 

Connecting brands
to culture

Part of the community

Getting your brand to participate in the cultural movements through creative content & interaction. It’s something you got to have a feeling for since the last thing you want to achieve is boomer-brand status.

Community commerce

Being part of the specific culture and community has its benefits: community commerce. Community members who not only co-create with your brand, but also inspire others to interact, create and buy. 

The things we do

Gen-Z content marketeers- and creators at heart.

Hover the hotspots!

Community management
With engagement at an all time high it is important to be interactive with the community. We make sure that it happens in a culture-proof way. TikTok comments is the new Reddit.
Content creation
From trending content to original branded mini series. We assist your brand to stay on top of its creative renewal.
Gatting your brand in on the fast-moving trends and cultural happenings.
Looking for a (dedicated) content creator for your brand? We can help with that. And with our in-house creative & strategic assistance we'll have them focus on what they do best: create!

What else?

What’s advertising 2.0? Well, it’s the name we give to all the new ways of advertising. E.g.: We could run profitable ads through existing content made by the community.

Coming up with creative ideas that are strategically aligned with the goals to be achieved.

We make sure everything is objectively aligned & TikTok proof by being the creative and strategic hub between the brand and the creators.

AR filters on social are a great way to have people engage, share and create with your brand in a personal and creative way.

People use TikTok, Instagram, etc quite a lot to search for something. So we capture your most important keywords through engaging content.

Need something else? Maybe something cross-platform? Just ask!

Looking for something specific?

Talk to us!

From a casual chat about how TikTok can be used for your brand to more specific plans. Just hit us up!

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